All safeguarding referrals must be submitted via phone to the North East Ambulance Service Logistics Desk in the first instance, or the relevant Local Authority safeguarding team where this is not possible.

In all cases of imminent danger or life-threatening safeguarding the Police must be informed via 999 and control updated.

Please follow the NEAS safeguarding referral process flowchart and then once completed, input details of the referral and outcome below.

As all details will have been logged with the agencies involved during your phone call, we only require an overview of the situation which will allow us to follow up any requests for information with the crew involved.

Nerams Safeguarding Referral e-Form must only be completed once the safeguarding incident has been successfully handled and the NEAS Logistics or Local Authority teams have been spoken to. The e-Form should still be completed if your referral is declined by either team on grounds of unsuitability or insufficient available information.

On submission the details of your referral will be sent directly to the Nerams Safeguarding Lead. No further reporting to Team Leaders is required.