Due to an increase in demand for transport requirements for the larger patient. Nerams’ bariatric service caters for the patient needs with key emphasis on safety, comfort, and dignity. Our Bariatric Ambulance has a specialised stretcher, manual handling aids, wheelchair, and winch system. 

It is acknowledged that there are variations in how the bariatric person is defined. With this in mind, professional judgment is paramount when assessing the needs of the individual and determining whether the patient is considered bariatric.

In recognizing the significant increase in bariatric patients and the limited resources that are accessible in providing these specific services, as an industry leader, Nerams continues to evaluate and purchase state-of-the-art equipment for bariatric patient transport.

Our specialist crews are trained in moving and handling and in the safe use of our standard and specialist equipment, we provide expert support to NHS Trusts and local authorities. We are trusted by both our patients and our customers to offer a service that guarantees safety and compassion.

Our goal is to provide the best preeminent care in customer service on all levels including bariatric transport.

Our Bariatric crews are trained to industry standard in the management of the plus size patient